Do You Know How to Care for Your Braces?

Do you know how to care for your braces? Did you know that just because you have an orthodontic treatment in place, you should still continue to implement your oral health care routine to keep your teeth and gums, and now also your braces clean? Taking care of your braces is important because they will… Read more »

Straighten Your Teeth with Orthodontic Braces

Straighten your teeth with orthodontic braces. With straight teeth, your self-esteem will skyrocket as a smile is often the key feature people focus on in our society. With an improved self-image, your entire lifestyle and everyday outlook can improve. The benefits of orthodontic braces improve not only the aesthetic beauty of your smile but can… Read more »

Malocclusions 101

Do you know what a malocclusion is? Perhaps it’s a term you have heard but never understood? A malocclusion is typically called a bad bite, which is the result of misaligned teeth within your jaw. Having malocclusions are common, and there are many different forms of malocclusions that can occur in your smile. Here at… Read more »

What to do About Bent or Damaged Braces

The braces installed in your mouth by Dr. will gradually realign your teeth through the course of successive adjustments. They are intended to be durable enough to handle biting and chewing most normal foods. Yet there are still some things like chewing gum and eating sticky and hard foods that could potentially cause damage to… Read more »

The 101 on Retainers

Once your braces are off, you’re not finished with your orthodontic treatment. You’ll still need to wear your retainer and to do so on a regular basis. Retainers help keep all the ligaments that hold your teeth in place from relapsing out of place after your braces from Dr. have moved them into the desired… Read more »

Your Guide on How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Braces

If you want the best orthodontic experience possible, then it’s best to have a good relationship with your braces. If you treat your appliance right, it will treat you right. So, to help you keep your braces in tip-top shape, our team recommends that you do the following things: -Floss: Flossing is extremely important, especially… Read more »

There Are Different Styles of Braces for You to Explore

Braces are commonly used to realign teeth, deal with overcrowding issues and address an under or overbite problem. Through the course of time and gradual adjustments, the braces stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor the teeth in their sockets. Each adjustment moves your teeth one small step closer to their ideal alignment. Your orthodontist at… Read more »

Daily Care and Cleaning Tips to Help You Better Maintain Your New Ceramic Braces

The ceramic coated braces installed by Dr. have a porcelain-ceramic material glazed onto the metal brackets, wires and other key pieces of hardware. The ceramic glaze can be perfectly shaded to match your natural tooth enamel, making it hard for the casual observer to even notice you have braces. It’s important to keep in mind… Read more »

How Braces Can Improve Your Smile

Braces have been a popular treatment for children and teenagers for many, many years. In recent years, the use of braces in adults has been growing. There are many reasons why braces in , , can help not just children, but adults. There are many reasons why Dr. may recommend braces for you or your… Read more »

Athletes with Braces Need to Use a Mouthguard

Your braces are a serious investment in realigning your teeth to achieve the healthy mouth and appealing smile you deserve. If any part of your braces are bent, loosened or damaged, your treatment time will likely be increased. Oftentimes, a blow to the face during vigorous athletic activities or contact sports can damage braces and… Read more »