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Do you know what a malocclusion is? Perhaps it’s a term you have heard but never understood? A malocclusion is typically called a bad bite, which is the result of misaligned teeth within your jaw. Having malocclusions are common, and there are many different forms of malocclusions that can occur in your smile. Here at Schouten Orthodontics in Springville, Utah, Dr. John R. Schouten and our professional staff are happy to adjust your smile in a healthy way that can best suit your personal needs.

Here are some examples of the different kinds of malocclusions that can occur and be addressed:

– Deep bites, also known as closed bites.
– Underbites, also known as bulldog teeth.
– Overbites, also known as buck teeth.
– Open bites are spacing issues between your teeth when biting down.
– Crossbites are caused by your lower jaw sticking out past your upper jaw.
– Overcrowded teeth.
– Spacing gaps between teeth.
– Teeth erupting in the wrong spaces in your mouth.
– Misplaced midlines are your front teeth not lining up correctly with your lower front teeth.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of alignment issues that can occur within your smile. Luckily, our team is happy to give you the information and tools you need to adjust your own unique smile into the aligned smile you always dreamed of.