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In order to ensure your smile is properly cared for, any issues associated with malocclusions will need to be dealt with through orthodontic therapy. A malocclusion is a bad bite or misalignment in your smile. Frequent questions regarding various types of malocclusions can be seen here:

What is the significance of malocclusions?
A malocclusion is a misalignment in a person’s teeth. These are also known as bad bites. If left untreated, they can lead to several oral health risks.

How can orthodontics be used to help correct malocclusions?
Through the use of orthodontic treatments such as aligners and braces, teeth that have suffered malocclusions can be straightened back into place.

What are the common types of malocclusions?
Several types of malocclusions exist, including damage to the incisors, which consists of open bites, underbites, misplaced midlines, deep bites and overbites. Other common malocclusions include crossbites, spacing malocclusions, transposition malocclusions and rotation malocclusions.

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