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Do you know how to care for your braces? Did you know that just because you have an orthodontic treatment in place, you should still continue to implement your oral health care routine to keep your teeth and gums, and now also your braces clean? Taking care of your braces is important because they will always need to be at optimum functionality to ensure they can continue to help you with your treatment over the long recovery time to a straight smile.

Most damage to your braces is caused by the foods you eat or improper cleaning habits. Braces often require food restrictions that limit foods that may be too hard or tough for your teeth, or foods that are sticky and can become lodged in between your teeth and be difficult to brush away. When brushing, use slow motions that don’t yank or tear at your braces. Instead of traditional dental floss, try using a water flosser instead.

Any attempts fix a broken piece of your braces should be avoided. If you have suffered an oral accident and your braces have broken, contact your orthodontist immediately. If a piece of wire has come loose, trying to the cut the wire could be hazardous to your health, as they are extremely small and can become choking hazards. Instead, cover the loose piece of wire in a putty substance like wax and seek treatment as soon as possible.

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