Why Having an Aligned Bite is Beneficial

Do you have a misaligned bite? If so, then it’s best to consider aligning your teeth and jaws to make your life a bit easier! There are many benefits to having an aligned bite, and those benefits are: -It makes eating easier: Having an aligned bite can make eating less difficult. You will finally be… Read more »

The Four Ways to Relieve Your Sore Teeth When You Have Braces

To help you have the most successful dental experience possible, our team has some tips for you! We understand that your teeth can become extremely sore after your orthodontist has tightened your braces. However, there are things you can do to prevent this soreness and improve your overall orthodontic experience. Those things are: -Swish warm… Read more »

Managing a Problem with Your Braces

There are certain activities, foods and bad habits which could potentially damage some part of your braces. If the braces installed by are damaged, it will most likely increase the amount of time you need to wear them. With a few basic lifestyle changes and a diligent, effective oral hygiene routine, you can keep this… Read more »

Possible Retainer Options

The braces fitted by Dr. have effectively realigned your teeth, through the course of multiple adjustments to give you a more functional mouth and an appealing smile. At the same time there is still some residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in your mouth. As a result, you will need to… Read more »

Ancient Orthodontics vs. Modern Braces

Did you know that orthodontics dates back as far as 50,000 years? A straight smile is an ages-old vanity, although the health benefits of straight teeth are a more recent discovery. Not surprisingly, ancient civilizations used different methods and materials than modern orthodontists, but the styles and results are more similar than you think. Ancient… Read more »

Managing Minor Damage to Your Braces

Your braces represent a serious investment in realigning your teeth to give you an appealing smile and a healthy mouth. While they are designed to be rather durable there are still certain activities, foods and little bad habits that can damage your braces. If your braces are damaged, it will likely increase the total amount… Read more »

The Key Differences Between Adult Orthodontics and Child Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a successful way to finally achieve the smile you have always wanted. However, even though the appliances are the same for each patient, the treatment may be different. Adult orthodontics can be a bit more complicated than children and teen orthodontics, and this is why: Adults have different oral health conditions As we… Read more »

Straighten Your Teeth with Invisalign®

You have crooked teeth, but you do not want to wear traditional braces. You feel that the brackets and wires would mar your smile and make you self-conscious. So what do you do? Come to and ask our orthodontist about Invisalign® in , . If Invisalign is right for you, Dr. will take X-rays and… Read more »