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Your orthodontist is smart and accomplished, especially when it comes to providing beautiful and aligned smiles. However, he doesn’t do it all by himself. In fact, he needs his patients’ help to provide the perfect smiles. So, if you’re aligning your chompers, Dr. John R. Schouten needs you to do what you can to help him provide the smile of your dreams. To help you do so, he has some tips.

First, keep your smile and braces in tip-top shape by keeping up on oral hygiene. This means you need to brush and floss regularly (every morning and night as well as after each meal and snack) and visit your dentist regularly for a routine dental cleaning. Frequently cleaning your teeth, gums, and braces can help you avoid dental issues as well as white spots on your teeth when you remove your braces.

Second, follow orthodontic instructions. This includes when to wear your rubber bands and what to avoid eating. If you follow the instructions, your smile and appliance can remain in tip-top shape and you can stay on track toward the smile you have always wanted. Forgetting to wear your rubber bands and eating sticky foods can slow the treatment process and break your braces.

Third, attend your orthodontic adjustment appointments. This is very important because your adjustment appointments help you further align your smile. If you miss one, you will be far behind in the process, which will extend your treatment time and even require additional steps.

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