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Orthodontics is a successful way to finally achieve the smile you have always wanted. However, even though the appliances are the same for each patient, the treatment may be different. Adult orthodontics can be a bit more complicated than children and teen orthodontics, and this is why:

Adults have different oral health conditions
As we age, our smiles stop moving, changing, and growing. So, adults tend to have a more difficult time transforming their smiles because the bones harden and stop growing. However, it is still possible to correct the smile—it just might take a little more time. Adults also suffer from dental issues that add complications to the treatment, like gingivitis, bone loss, and aging tissue.

Adults don’t have much room
Adults frequently have crowded smiles that don’t allow room for bite improvement. When this is the case, orthodontists aim to provide a functional bite rather than a perfect one. To help with the crowding, it’s oftentimes recommended to extract one or multiple teeth.

Adults might have extraction issues
If an adult has extracted a tooth in the past, it may present a problem. Tooth extraction sites are generally tough areas for teeth to move into. To help with the situation, it might be recommended to add prosthetic bones.

These complications do not mean that adults cannot align their smiles. In fact, it’s encouraged! Everyone deserves to have the smile of their dreams, and there’s nothing that will stand in the way of that. So, if you’re interested in straightening your teeth, please call Schouten Orthodontics at 801.491.9372 and schedule an appointment with Dr. John R. Schouten. We are happy to help you with adult orthodontics in Springville, Utah!