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As your child grows their oral structure will naturally expand to accommodate their 32 permanent teeth. As you know, primary teeth are not lost all at the same time. Sometimes this can allow two or more teeth in one area to emerge close together. Genetic and environmental factors can also contribute to overcrowding with permanent teeth.

This can result in teeth that meet improperly in your son or daughter’s bite pattern. If it’s not addressed in a reasonable amount of time, the overcrowding problem could cause chips, fractures, and dental attrition problems with multiple teeth.

One way to correct a problem like this is to have an orthodontist like Dr. John R. Schouten can help determine the most effective treatment strategy. In many of these cases, traditional orthodontic braces can be installed in their mouth to gradually alter the alignment and position of the overcrowded teeth.

Your child will need to come back to see Dr. John R. Schouten at regular intervals for braces adjustments. This will gradually stretch the periodontal ligaments that hold their teeth in their gums. Over time the overcrowded teeth will adopt their new position.

Once the braces have fully corrected the position of their teeth, they will still need to use a retainer to help the adjusted teeth hold their new position. This might also include installing a fixed retainer behind the area of overcrowding.   

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