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Aside from the very important job that they do, let’s be honest: braces are an expensive investment, and you will want to protect them so that they can do their job effectively. Avoiding hard and sticky foods, and wearing a mouthguard when you play sports or recreate can help protect your braces. However, accidents can happen and your braces can become damaged. When that happens, you should contact your orthodontist. Depending on the nature of the damage, he may need to see you as soon as possible, or he may decide to wait until your next appointment.

If you have a loose bracket, you can coat it with dental wax to keep it from irritating your mouth. If the wire is sticking out, you should try to move it into a position where it will not cause you any pain. Cutting a broken wire is not advisable since you run the risk of swallowing it. Again, use the dental wax to keep it from irritating you. Rinsing with a warm salt water solution or the use of a topical pain reliever can also help. If a bracket or band comes off, save them and bring them to your next appointment so that you orthodontist can reattach them. In the case of a lost spacer, call your doctor since it is probably time for him to place a band.

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