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Alignment issues can cause more problems than an unappealing smile that leaves you feeling self-conscious. As time goes by, misaligned teeth are more prone to suffering dental fractures, wear-and-tear or dental attrition. In some extreme cases, severe alignment problems can impact your ability to efficiently chew food safely.

Many adults dealing with misaligned teeth will contact Schouten Orthodontics to explore their braces options.

If you are struggling with minor alignment issues, Dr. John R. Schouten might be able to correct the alignment of your teeth with Invisalign®. This treatment involves using removable, clear, plastic aligners that are designed to gradually adjust your teeth. You will be provided with three to four sets of custom aligners. You will switch them out every two weeks. The new aligners will be tuned to bring you one step closer to your ideal alignment.

If you have more significant alignment issues that need resolution, Dr. John R. Schouten might recommend installing traditional metal bracket and wire braces. If you feel uncomfortable with the overt yet temporary appearance of orthodontic hardware in your smile, he can cement ceramic braces to your smile.

If you live in the Springville, Utah, area and you’re interested in how braces can improve your smile, you should call 801.491.9372 to schedule a consultation at Schouten Orthodontics.