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Dental trauma can vary in severity from chips, minor fractures, severe dental fractures, and dental avulsion. Certain sports and athletic activities come with an increased risk of suffering a blow to the face. This can potentially cause dental trauma and soft tissue injuries to the mouth.
One easy and effective way to reduce your chances of suffering oral trauma is to use a quality mouth guard at the necessary times.
There are several different versions available in sporting goods stores and other retail outlets. Unfortunately, many of these stock mouth guards and thermoplastic units tend to feel uncomfortable or bulky in the mouth. Some designs can also obstruct breathing.
Rather than risk oral trauma from forgoing the use of a mouth guard, you should schedule a consultation with the orthodontists at Schouten Orthodontics. Dr. John R. Schouten and his associates can help you understand your options for protecting your mouth from undue harm.
One of the most effective options is to provide you with a custom mouth guard. It is a soft, yet durable plastic mouthpiece that conforms to the shape of your teeth and mouth. It will also be designed for maximum ventilation and ease of breathing.
If you are an athlete in the Springville, Utah, area and you are interested in exploring your mouth guard options, you should call 801.491.9372 to schedule a consultation with the orthodontic specialists at Schouten Orthodontics.