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The braces hardware installed in your mouth at Schouten Orthodontics were designed to realign your teeth by retaining the progressive tension applied during your adjustment sessions. With each adjustment, the periodontal ligaments anchoring your teeth in your mouth are stretched to bring you one minute step closer to your ideal alignment.

Tooth decay, dental fractures and general oral trauma can alter this tension, increasing the number of adjustments required to complete the alignment process.

Rigorous athletics and contact sports pose a significant threat to the health of your mouth and the integrity of your braces. Athletes should strongly consider using a quality mouthguard. The potential damage and trauma from an unprotected blow to the mouth during contact sports can be severe.

At the same time, many athletes complain that retail-level mouthguards often feel bulky or they impede the ability to breathe freely. This can encourage some athletes to forgo using a mouthguard. If you are struggling to find the right consumer-grade mouthguard, Dr. John R. Schouten can help fit you for a custom mouthguard.

This is a soft yet durable, plastic mouthpiece that is designed to match your mouth for maximum protection and passage of air.

If you are an athlete living in the Springville, Utah, area and you need a quality mouthguard, you should consider calling 801.491.9372 to schedule a consultation appointment at Schouten Orthodontics.