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Will your teeth be healthier if you wear orthodontic braces? Cleaning your teeth should be a mission that everyone undertakes in order to maintain a happy smile with optimum oral health. Likewise, if you do not maintain your orthodontic treatments, including your braces, they will not be able to function or serve you properly. Listed below are some excellent questions and answers regarding caring and cleaning for your braces:

How do I floss between teeth when wearing standard braces?
– Flossing between teeth with braces requires alternative interdental cleaners such as water flossers.

What are the reasons I should be cleaning your braces?
– In order for braces to function properly and do the job required of them, they must be in good condition and with all parts working as intended.

If my braces break, how do I restore them to their maximum efficiency?
– Never attempt to fix broken braces, but instead cover any wires that may be hanging out with wax and seek out your orthodontist immediately.

Are there any food restrictions to aid in keeping traditional braces clean and safe?
– Yes, avoid chewy and sticky foods that can get stuck in hard to reach places between the wires of your braces and your teeth, as well as avoid tough or hard to chew foods that can bend or crack your braces.

No matter which orthodontic treatment you desire, Dr. John R. Schouten and our team at Schouten Orthodontics will make sure that your teeth are properly treated. To schedule an oral exam at our orthodontic office in Springville, Utah, please contact us at 801.491.9372. A straight smile is a happy smile!