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Alignment issues with your child’s teeth can create several different issues. While cosmetic issues can impact self-esteem, what matters more is those physical imperfections which lead to oral health problems in the future. Misaligned teeth in childhood can create dental attrition, cavities and even dental fractures in adulthood.

Fortunately, most orthodontic alignment issues can be corrected simply by having braces installed at Schouten Orthodontics in Springville, Utah. Depending on your child’s unique bite, there a few possible variations that Dr. John R. Schouten might suggest.

Traditional braces use small metal brackets which are cemented onto the faces of the teeth. These are linked by a strong metal wire which typically includes other hardware components.

If your child is not comfortable with visible braces hardware, Dr. John R. Schouten can apply a ceramic coating to their smile. The ceramic should match the shade of their tooth enamel for a less noticeable appearance.

If your child only has minor alignment issues, Dr. John R. Schouten might recommend using clear, plastic aligners such as Invisalign®. These are custom-fit to your child’s teeth. Every two weeks they will need to switch to another set of aligners that will be tweaked just enough to bring them one step closer to their ideal alignment.

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